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Cold-pressed Juice Shots

Brought to you with LOVE from Just Juice It.

Drink Life into your Body! with our cold pressed juice shots made from fresh certified organic plant shoots. We use ultra high pressure to preserve the juice - no heating, no freezing, as this destroys those precious enzymes and nutrients. So you can enjoy nutrient packed fresh vegetable juice knowing it's as good as the juice you squeeze at home, with none of the hassle. 

Broccoli Shot

Nourish the Soul

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Beetroot Shot

Feed the Body

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Wheatgrass Shot

Lift the Spirit

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plentiful nutrients

Cold-pressed Benefits

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Release the Nutrients

What Are Enzymes?

All edible plants contain enzymes that are the perfect key to unlock the nutrients within the plant. Since nutrients are the building blocks for our cells, eating plenty of enzyme rich foods, such as cold-pressed juice, means that we're getting the full benefit of the plant we're eating.



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Enzymes love the cold!

Cold-Pressed = More Enzymes

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Lift the Spirit
Drink your Enzymes!
Wheatgrass is a wonderful source of enzymes. One daily shot of wheatgrass juice will unlock nutrients and fill your body with goodness.
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Essential to life

Raw Food

Raw food is never heated above 45 degrees C (when enzyme activity stops). Most of the food in our shops has been heat pasteurised, except fresh fruits and vegetables, meaning 90% of what you eat is has absolutely no enzymes! Boost your raw food to unlock the nutrients by starting the day with a cold-pressed juice shot.

Juicing the Messy Way!

Cold-Pressed Juicer

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Our Juice Shots Don't Need a Fridge!

How to Store Cold-Pressed Juice

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How to Drink Juice Shots

You can mix 2 bottles together: Lift the Spirit and Nourish the Soul are a great combo! Or pour into freshly squeezed lemon and a sprig of mint. A few drops stevia and some fruit flavouring adds sweetness. Add to your fruit smoothies for a massive nutrient boost.  Or simply open, drink and enjoy :)