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For Cardiovascular Health


11 Health Benefits of Beetroot Juice


Beetroot Benefits

Beetroot may help improve blood flow and blood pressure, due to certain pigment antioxidants in beetroot. Athletic performance, coronary artery disease and strokes are all helped from increased blood flow. Beetroot may help lower cholesterol due to its betaine content.  Folates are given as a supplement to pregnant women to help prevent the foetus from developing neural tube defects.

Plentiful Folate

Beetroot Nutrition

Packed with Nutrients

Beetroot Shot

As you know, beetroot is packed full of nutrients but heating beetroot destroys these nutrients: juice shots are the answer! By juicing raw beetroot, you get to benefit from a juice that's packed full of cardiovascular friendly nutrients and folates. 

Sulforaphane from Broccoli Shoots

We mention sulforaphane here because to each beetroot shot, we add an equal quantity of broccoli shoot juice. We do this because the nitrates in beetroot and sulforaphane in  broccoli shoots work well together.

Sulforaphane has been called:

• Activator of cellular defence

• Master antioxidant switch

• Gatekeeper for health and longevity

We at Just Juice It believe that there is no quick fix to good health which is achieved after years of eating optimally and consuming cold-pressed vegetable juice and raw foods daily.

Natural Nitrates

Cold Pressed Beetroot Juice

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Our Promise to You:

We promise that our beetroot juice is unique for 5 reasons:

Organic meaning no nasty pesticides or artificial chemicals.

Cold-pressed so you benefit from all of the nutrients in the original wheatgrass.

Never Heated or Frozen so that you know it's just the same as the fresh juice you press at home.

Pressure Preserved so there are even more enzymes than in the original cold-pressed juice

No fridge so that you can enjoy cold-pressed juice any day of the week, wherever you go in the world!

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