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Broccoli Benefits

Most of us would name broccoli as one of the healthiest foods on the planet! What you may not know is that broccoli can make sulforaphane. Sulforaphane is the unique phytonutrient that is the reason broccoli gets a lot of attention.  In fact, you get 100 times more sulforaphane in baby broccoli - broccoli shoots.  Let's find out more...


Sulforaphane is a little known phytonutrient (a nutrient found in plants) that has been recognised by scientists as one of the most important phytonutrients after it was discovered in the 90s. Sulforaphane has been the subject of more than 2000 research studies for its health effects on many different serious health conditions, the worst of which we are not allowed to mention here! We can tell you that this amazing phytonutrient in our broccoli shots has been called:

• Activator of cellular defence

• Master antioxidant switch

• Gatekeeper for health and longevity

We at Just Juice It believe that there is no quick fix to good health which is achieved after years of eating optimally and consuming cold-pressed vegetable juice and raw foods daily.

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Broccoli Nutrition

100 x More Sulforaphane!

Broccoli Sprouts

All shoots or sprouts have a lot more nutrients than the fully mature plants because they contain all the phyto-nutrients needed to develop into the mature plant.  Broccoli sprouts are special because of the sulforaphane they can make - 100 times more than mature broccoli.

Natural Sulforaphane

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Our Promise To You:

We promise that our broccoli juice is unique for 5 reasons:

Organic meaning no nasty pesticides or artificial chemicals.

Cold-pressed so you benefit from all of the nutrients in the original wheatgrass.

Never Heated or Frozen so that you know it's just the same as the fresh juice you press at home.

Pressure Preserved so there are even more enzymes than in the original cold-pressed juice

No fridge so that you can enjoy cold-pressed juice any day of the week, wherever you go in the world!

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