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Wheatgrass Benefits

Wheatgrass is packed full of electrolytes and one of the easiest ways to increase the alkaline forming foods into your diet is to add a shot of wheatgrass. Wheatgrass shots can be included as part of a detox diet and some drink it as a preventative for various health conditions. At Just Juice It believe that there is no quick fix to good health, which can be helped with optimal eating in the long term.

Organic Wheatgrass

If you're going to drink wheatgrass juice, make sure you're not drinking any pesticides or artificial additives! Just Juice It's wheatgrass is grown naturally without any toxic chemicals and we process it according to strict organic standards. That means you can be reassured that you truly are drinking pure wheatgrass juice and there are no traces of substances you wouldn't want to go near!


Benefits of Raw Wheatgrass Juice

Heat-dried = less nutrients

Wheatgrass Powder

Despite its healthy reputation, wheatgrass powder is a highly processed food as it is heat-dried, ground and exposed to air, processes which degrade the enzymes and vitamins. The laxative, magnesium stearate is added to wheatgrass powder in capsules. And there is the capsule material which can form clusters in the blood stream....  Fresh raw juice is your best option!

Wheatgrass Juice Powder

It's worth mentioning here that our wheatgrass juice contains no wheatgrass juice powder - it is simply pure fresh-press wheatgrass juice. A lot of suppliers will tell you they are selling wheatgrass juice, when in fact it's the heated, dried wheatgrass juice that has lost its vitamin C and enzyme activity. We only sell pure wheatgrass juice, as made by nature!

Alkalising and rich in Enzymes

Cold-Pressed Wheatgrass Juice

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Our Promise to You:

We promise that our wheatgrass juice is unique for 5 reasons:

Organic meaning no nasty pesticides or artificial chemicals.

Cold-pressed so you benefit from all of the nutrients in the original wheatgrass.

Never Heated or Frozen so that you know it's just the same as the fresh juice you press at home.

Pressure Preserved so there are even more enzymes than in the original cold-pressed juice

No fridge so that you can enjoy cold-pressed juice any day of the week, wherever you go in the world!

Just open the cap and Drink Life! into your Body

Wheatgrass Shot
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