Wheatgrass Shot
Wheatgrass Shot
Wheatgrass Shot
Wheatgrass Shot
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Wheatgrass Shot

Wheatgrass Shot

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Organic Wheatgrass Shot

Lift the Spirit with cold-pressed wheatgrass juice shots made from young wheatgrass shoots and packed full of chlorophyll.

Ingredients: Organic Wheatgrass Juice (99.8%), Vegan Lactic Acid (0.2%). Organic certified. Vegan.

Supplied in recyclable bottles
Ready to drink
Each bottle contains raw, cold-pressed juice
Just Juice It's juice is never heated or frozen.
The juice shots are preserved using ultra high pressure
No fridge required so you can take your juice shots wherever you go!
Just Juice It's juice shots are supplied with a typical 4 month shelf life
Drink 1-3 juice shots every day.



Serving Size 40ml %RDA*

Contains 1 serving


Amount per serving


Calories 7
Fats 0g
Trans 0g
Carbohydrates 1g
Sodium 5mg
Vitamin C 7%
Iron 10%